Hi! I’m a Real Estate Agent , a Freelancer and aspiring SEO Specialist.

The real estate business is my parent’s bread and butter. We are 7 siblings and all are professionals.

When I graduated in Dentistry back in 1993, I help my parents in project selling such as Midrise Condominium in the Pasig area. I sold few units and bought my first car. It was indeed a rewarding job.

Afterward, I practice my profession as a Dentist. Get married and have 2 beautiful daughters.

Then I work abroad, in a private dental university for 15 years. With a purpose. I achieve my dreams together with my family.

Now I am retiring, going back to the real estate business. My goal is to help fellow OFW own their dream house by selling affordable houses and lots within the Pampanga area.

So, if you are looking for a reliable Real Estate agent that will help you, I will likely work closely with you, until we close the DEAL!

I will gladly listen to YOUR problems, SOLVE them gradually and share SUCCESS with you.